Cam teaches pros at PGA Show 2016. Click to watch and learn.

Cameron McCormick and his players never email - they "Edufii it". 

“A must for all coaches!” - Cameron McCormick, longtime coach to Jordan Spieth and 2015 PGA Teacher of the Year

TrainingSpaces allow tracking and collaboration around swing videos, Trackman data, stats, tournament results etc. All communication around this data and media takes place inside Edufii too -- so no more email and texts.  Some players even have multiple coaches involved in their spaces,  a huge time saver for Cameron and his team. 


Leadbetter Golf Academy uses Edufii for online coaching, instructor training, and as innovative new revenue stream.

"Edufii allows the Leadbetter Golf community to be better connected and work more efficiently, including personal online coaching, corporate events, instructor training and much more. Edufii's COACH+ subscription even allows us to capitalize on new revenue streams. Our goal is to make golf instruction simpler and Edufii is a key player in enabling us to do that."

- David Leadbetter, coach to world #1 Lydia Ko and most successful coach in the history of golf


Martin Chuck uses Edufii to deliver more value to his customers and increase his business revenue. 

"I started out creating Edufii golf TrainingSpaces for my private students, and now Edufii is the core communication and training platform for me, my team of coaches and every golf student who attends our schools."

- Martin Chuck, owner of Tour Striker Golf Academy and Training Products



We'll show you how to raise your own coaching game.

You'll speak personally with a member of team Edufii about:


1) Replacing all your uploads, emails, texts, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, YouTube etc. with Edufii TrainingSpaces.

2) Making the most of our newest features like video/image analysis, post control, Teams and more.

3) Integrating Edufii quickly and effectively into your own coaching business.

Thanks for using Edufii. We're here for YOU.