Coaches experience over 20hrs p/w in ineffective and wasted time handling administrative duties through text, email, social media and documents. 

  • Save Time with No More Text or Email
    Eliminate text and email and use Edufii as your one mechanism for easy, effective, and streamlined communications. 

  • Get Organized
    Employ coachable data and media. Edufii houses all videos, practice plans, and statistic files in one place for you and your athletes to access - anywhere, anytime.

  • Collaboration Made Easy
    Connected coaching is always at your fingertips. Analyze videos, track progress, and collaborate with your athletes in real-time.

  • Grow Your Coaching Business
    Drive revenue, retain athletes, and reach new audiences with Edufii behind you. 

"A must for all coaches! Edufii is the most important tool a coach can have to extend and enhance your relationship with athletes."     - Cameron McCormick, Coach to Jordan Spieth & 2015 PGA Teacher of the Year.  

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Read what other world-class golf coaches had to say about Edufii

I started out creating Edufii golf TrainingSpaces for my private students, and now Edufii is the core communication and training platform for me, my team of coaches and every golf student who attends our schools.
— Martin Chuck, Tour Striker Training Products & Academies
Edufii allows the Leadbetter Golf community to be better connected and work more efficiently, including personal online coaching, corporate events, instructor training and much more. Edufii’s COACH+ subscription even allows us to capitalize on new revenue streams. Our goal is to make golf instruction simpler and Edufii is a key player in enabling us to do that.
— David Leadbetter, Coached Professional Golfers to 22 Championship Titles
The connection we now have with our athletes is unparalleled. Even parents who are 5,000 miles away are a part of the athletes journey every step of the way!
— Iain Highfield, Mental Trainer at IJGA, BGGA